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59 Love Confessions = One Love Song

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s no surprise teens all over Japan are becoming nervous. Who’ll get chocolates, who to give chocolates to, sigh… to be young. Apparently Japanese telecom giant Softbank is all for supporting romance and love as it’s partnered with AbemaTV to produce a song about love! The kicker is that the lyrics of the song are from actual confessions by high school students. 59 of them!

The song is titled “UtaKoku” (ウタコク) and is performed by Kana Adachi (足立佳奈). You can check out her profile here. Softbank is also running commercials featuring the music video which you can check out below.

While a very Japanese take on love and confession, it’s still a feel-good message that we can all smile to.


Source: PR Times
[Original article in Japanese]