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“Offbeat” cosplay takes center stage at Comiket 95!

Cosplay is one of the pillars of HYPER JAPAN and its no secret that we love any kind of (family-friendly) cosplay! We here at HYPER JAPAN dream of heading back to Japan for the year-end Comic Market but have you seen those airfares?! The best we can do is to enviously trawl through social media from the warmth and comfort of the office. Last Monday saw Comic Market 95, the largest “doujinshi” market of its kind, came to a successful close. Although the event is focused on independent magazine publishing, cosplay inevitably takes the limelight and Comike 95 was no exception. In particular, the entrance cosplay area was where unusual and offbeat cosplay were in full force, taking on a wider scope and scale beyond anime and manga and into wider social themes and memes.

Think of cosplayers dressed up as mobile company DoCoMo signal testers, or in full “Tokyo Disneyland maintenance staff” mode. Imagine others crossing cosplay with the “falling stars” meme. To the casual observer clued into Japanese zeitgeist, many of the displays will elicit wry grins and golf claps. Those reactions are the reason for these offbeat cosplay outfits. For you cosplayers out there, that’s food for thought for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019. Anybody up for cosplaying as soy sauce bottles…oh.

Held at the Tokyo Big Site from December 29 to 31, the three-day event is affectionately known as “comike” and is internationally known as the place to be for fans of cosplay, anime, manga, and of course, self-published “doujinshi” magazines. Check out their website here!

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