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CosPlay is back in a big way at HYPER JAPAN this summer!

CosPlay is a big part of HYPER JAPAN and we love all the creative, quirky, wonderful outfits that people come up with every year!

We are excited about the return of two of our favourite CosPlay events to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!
The COSTest and the COSParade are coming back this summer! If you want to take part, you can register for COSTest or COSParade by clicking on the links.

The COSTest is a great chance for serious and experienced CosPlayers to put their skills to the test against the best opposition around. Taking part in the COSTest you can challenge yourself and other CosPlayers as well as sharing your passion with the world!

The COSParade is a more relaxed opportunity for all CosPlayers to show off their costuming and CosPlaying skills to the HYPER JAPAN audience in the form of a CosPlay catwalk show! Take part in the COSParade to strut your stuff on the HYPER Live! Stage this summer.

This year’s COSTest and COSParade are sponsored by Kawaii Japan Inc, whose COSPO App is supporting and encouraging the spread of CosPlay and Kawaii Culture all over the world.

If you want to see the CosPlay events this summer at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019, check out the schedule page for more details of when and where they will be happening. For those of you who want to take part and show off your amazing CosPlay skills click to register for the COSParade and the COSTest.

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