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Casting Call for Yukata Fashion show!

Japanese traditional kimono are things of beauty, treasured by their owners and often passed down to be cherished across the generations. The kimono and its lighter, summer sister the yukata are made from stunning fabrics and come in all kinds of colours reflecting the changing seasons in Japan.

At this year’s HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019, TeamM2.Inc have organised a Yukata Fashion Show as part of the  J-Culture Showcase and are looking for volunteers to take part and wear their a selection of their beautiful yukata on the runway.
TeamM2.Inc, also offer HYPER JAPAN guests the chance to try and wear both traditional and modern Japanese yukata as well as a green-screen photo shooting experience in their yukata at some of Japan’s most iconic locations as a background.

Team M2 are looking for ten women to take part in their Yukata Fashion Show to be dressed in yukata and walk on stage along with some fun, traditional Japanese music. Participants must be HYPER JAPAN ticket holders and will receive a small Japanese souvenir by way of thanks. The Yukata Fashion Show will be part of the J-Culture Showcase on Saturday July 13th, from 3.45 PM to 4.15PM in the ASAKUSA Culture Zone.
If you would like to join in and be part of this fantastic opportunity, please contact us  here by email or send a message through this Facebook page. When you apply, please make sure to include all of the following information:

  1. Name:
  2. Date of birth:
  3. Gender :
  4. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Japan:
  5. Contact Information (Facebook or Email Address)

Deadline for application: Thursday, July 10 at 24:00

Please email here for inquiries.

Please feel free to apply.

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