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Music, movies, manga and more in the HYPER Theatre!

The HYPER Theatre is back for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 and is once again the place to be for intimate screenings, small group talks and panel discussions.
This year’s HYPER Theatre plays host to some really fascinating stuff designed to delight, impress and interest so keep reading to find out more.

We are very excited to be bringing Japanese virtual mega-star Hatsune Miku to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019. In the HYPER Theatre we will be showing live concert footage of Miku’s hugely successful Magical Mirai event in Japan.
Anyone who was at Miku’s London concert last year, or wishes they could have been, should definitely stop by the HYPER Theatre to see her in action from Japan.

The HYPER Theatre will also play host to a talk from winners of the Japanese Embassy in the UK’s Manga Jiman Competition.
This competition has been run by the Japanese Embassy since 2007 to search for the very best of manga creating talent in the UK, and to provide a platform for their work.
This talk includes previous winners in conversation about how they approached the competition, how they developed their stories and artistic styles, and what they have been doing since winning Manga Jiman 

One of the stars of ONE CUT OF THE DEAD, Harumi Shuhama, will be at Festival 2019, presenting a talk on the HYPER Live! Stage and we will be screening a selection of Third Window Films other titles in the HYPER Theatre.
Third Window Films will also be at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 all weekend with copies of ONE CUT OF THE DEAD and more from their amazing catalogue available to buy.

The HYPER Theatre will also be holding a series of Panel Discussions with experienced and talented CosPlayers talking about their passion and love for CosPlay, their wealth of experience in the CosPlay world and much more.

Cosplay, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Commissar,

We also have a selection of incredible anime (One Punch Man, Shield Hero, Attack on Titan)
presented by Crunchyroll and screened in the HYPER Theatre throughout the weekend at the HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019.

If something in the HYPER Theatre takes your fancy, take a look at the timetable for more details and timings across the HYPER JAPAN weekend.

HYPER Theatre Timetable

HYPER Theatre

HYPER Theatre

JNTO Seminar (Invited only)

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