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Celebrate Japanese Fashion with the J-Style Collection Fashion Show

Tokyo’s eclectic fashion scene is a whirlwind of creativity. It’s full of passionate and talented people with incredible vision and wide-ranging, global influences, who produce unexpected, exciting and innovative ideas to surprise and charm us all.

Tokyo style is a fascinating melting pot of free-thinking and creativity in an often conservative society that makes it one of the most exciting of the world’s fashion centres.
Its appeal reaches around the world, even all the way to London where HYPER JAPAN embraces and encourages the growing influence of Japanese fashion.

Taking its lead from Japan’s outstanding fashionistas, this summer’s J-Style Collection Fashion Show is an all-genre celebration of Japanese Fashion.
You can expect to see some amazing outfits, unexpected co-ordinations and truly fabulous fashion statements on the HYPER Live! Stage runway in what promises to be one of the highlights of this summer’s HYPER JAPAN.

If you’re interested in fashion, make sure not to miss the J-Style Collection Fashion Show on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019.
For anyone who still wants to take part, you can register here.

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