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Kanpai! Sake at HYPER JAPAN!

Just as food is a big part of Japan’s appeal across the world, sake is also a very important part of Japanese culture. Today’s sake is the product of generations of learning, developing and perfecting to create the perfect drink.

As well as the hugely popular Sake Experience, which is coming back this summer for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019, we are thrilled to have a number of very special sake breweries bringing their best bottles to sell throughout the weekend.

OZEKI SAKE will be bringing a selection of their most delicious and popular drinks to HYPER JAPAN this summer.
OZEKI’s brewery dates back to the early 1700s in Hyogo prefecture, western Japan. Over the past three centuries, OZEKI’s master brewers have maintained their traditions while continuously innovating to produce the delicious drinks that proudly display the OZEKI mark today.

MIO Sparkling Sake is a light and delicious sake with a mellow and fruity taste. MIO is refreshing and easy to drink. It’s fruity aromas and natural sweetness have become hugely popular and its gentle bubbliness makes it perfect for celebrations.
MIO will be offering samples to taste and bottles to take home at special prices for HYPER JAPAN visitors. Try some MIO and enjoy a new sake for a new age!

Hakutsuru is based in the Nada area of Kobe, famous for sake brewing for centuries because of its unique climate, plentiful and high-quality spring water and access to Osaka and Kobe with their large markets and ports.
Hakutsuru has been active in Nada since the 1740s, producing some excellent sake which first burst onto the international scene at the 1900 Paris World Fair!
Try some of Hakutsuru’s sake at HYPER JAPAN and find the perfect sake for your taste and temperament.

 Check out these and many more incredible sakes on sale at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019.