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CosPlay Repair Stations in ODAIBA CosPlay Zone

Every year HYPER JAPAN sees inventive and creative CosPlayers outdoing themselves as well as their friends and rivals with new and improved outfits to show off to the world!
We are constantly impressed with the quality and variety of CosPlay on display across the three days of each HYPER JAPAN and we are of course looking forward to see your CosPlay this summer at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!

We know these CosPlay ensembles do not create themselves and are the end result of a massive amount of hard work, skill and dedication on your part. But, however hard you work and however good you are, accidents will happen and sometimes disasters on the day when there is nothing you can do.
To help all our CosPlayers with everything from a lost button or small tear to full-blown costume disasters we are happy to announce that this year’s ODAIBA CosPlay Zone will house CosPlay Repair Stations!!!

Our CosPlay Repair Stations will be stocked with everything a CosPlayer could need to fix their outfits whatever might happen and we hope to have experts available to help and give you advice on what to do in even the most disastrous-seeming situations.

Come and see what’s happening at the ODAIBA CosPlay Zone and get help when you most need it at HYPER JAPAN’s CosPlay Repair Stations!