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丸(ハ)Selfie Challenge!

It’s Easter weekend and the sun has come out putting us all in a bit of a summery mood!

It’s got us thinking about summer festivals and the bon-odori dance so we’ve decided to have a summer-themed HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 ticket giveaway!!!

Introducing the 丸 (ハ) – Maru-Ha – Selfie Challenge!

Can you see the pose all of the people dancing in these pictures are doing? That’s the Maru-Ha pose, where you make the Japanese character “Ha” (ハ) with your arms!

All you need to do is post a selfie tagging Hyper Japan on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with yourself, your friends, your dog, cat, doll, stuffed toy, or whatever you like, but you must be doing the Maru-Ha pose from the Bon-Odori dance.

We will be accepting your selfies from Saturday morning until Monday evening on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and our judges will select the best photo after entries have closed on Monday evening.

The winning selfie will be the one with the best Maru-Ha pose, the most interesting background situation and the highest fun-level!!!

The winner will receive a pair or Three-Day pass tickets to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!

We’re looking forward to receiving your selfies so get dancing and good luck!