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Super Saturday at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 Part II

Saturday’s second session at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 starts with a bang on the HYPER Live! Stage with an amazing show from Nintendo followed by the ever-popular and hugely enjoyable COSParade, with some incredible imagination and talent on display from all the CosPlayers taking part.

Over in the HYPER Kitchen, Tsujiri will be sharing the secrets to making a delicious matcha as well as some fabulous green tea desserts, before Marukome take over for a
Masterclass on Miso. Don’t miss it!

After the COSParade, the HYPER Live! Stage will host Saturday’s HYPER Bon Odori. By this time on Saturday, hopefully everyone will really be in the matsuri mood and we can make this one of our biggest Bon Odori’s ever!
If you’re coming to Festival 2019 on Saturday make sure to join in the HYPER Bon Odori at the HYPER Live! Stage.

Next up in the HYPER Kitchen will be S&B Foods’ fantastic workshop on the almost universally popular Japanese curry. Find out more about all the things you can do with curry and try some of the yummy creations from S&B Foods.

As we move towards the evening, its the perfect time to welcome back Harumi Shuhama, star of the part-comedy, part-zombie-fest Japanese hit film, ONE CUT OF THE DEAD.
Harumi will be talking and taking questions on her experience and the film so stop by if you are interested in Japanese cinema.

Following Harumi Shuhama will be an incredibly high-energy, exciting performance from fantastic CosPlayer and visual-kei artist Miura Ayme guaranteed to get the HYPER Live! Stage audience making some serious noise! If you like beautiful people, stunning costumes, great music and a super-energetic show, Miura Ayme’s show is one you just can’t miss.

Just as Miura Ayme is finishing his performance, WAGASHI Japanese Bakery will be back in the HYPER Kitchen with another demonstration of their incredible wagashi Japanese sweets which are really little edible artworks.

Bringing proceedings to a close on the HYPER Live! Stage for Saturday will be another performance from the masters of mystery, IJEN KAI.
Check out their show to find out what we mean!

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