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Visit Tofu Cute’s HYPER JAPAN Pop-up for all your favourite Japanese goodies

Tofu Cute is returning to HYPER JAPAN with a hugely exciting pop-up shop, bringing you your fill of authentic Japanese Snacks, Cute Stationery, adorable AMUSE Plushies, glorious Gachapon and much more!

At this year’s HYPER JAPAN, Tofu Cute are focused on bringing you all of the things you’ve loved from previous Tofu Cute Pop-up shops once more! Their Japanese Snacks area will return with all of your favourite classic Japanese treats like Pocky, Puccho, Ramune, and mochi as well as a huge range of brand new delights!

In addition, the Tofu Cute AMUSE area will be back, stocking plushies of cute critters of all types, including the popular Alpacasso, Mameshiba and Poteusa Loppy characters. Stop by and adopt a new fluffy friend!

As well as their huge range of Japanese snacks & plushies, attendees of HYPER JAPAN 2019 will also have the chance to get Lucky Bags, where you can get a special surprise mix of Japanese Snacks, Plushies, Stationery – or all of these things – in an adorable Tofu Cute re-usable bag! It’s a mystery you won’t want to miss!

So whatever part of Japanese culture you’re interested in, there’s something fun for everyone at Tofu Cute’s pop up shop – be sure to follow Tofu Cute on Instagram & Facebook @tofucute for further updates!

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