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HYPER Fringe Market

This is information from our 2015 Festival, we’ll be updating this page for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016 soon.

Fringe Market

The HYPER Fringe Market is back with a vengeance after last year’s summer event, offering a bohemian selection of curios from Japan, including: niche activities, custom-made paraphernalia and up-and-coming talent. If you’re a fan of hand-made goods inspired by traditional Japan, unique fashion accessories or live performances with an intimate atmosphere, then you should definitely check out this uber-exclusive section! We guarantee you’ll find lots of exciting things which you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

HYPER Fringe Live

Forming the ‘live’ part of our HYPER Fringe Market will be performances featured on both our Festival Stage and J-Culture Showcase, which will feature Japan-inspired performances and displays from slightly off the beaten track. Stage acts will include home-grown UK dancers and singers, alternative musical performers, seminars on little-known aspects of Japanese culture, and much else besides. If impressive displays of judo, aikido, karate and jujitsu are more your cup of tea, head on over to the J-Culture Showcase! The techniques performed here require years of rigorous training and strict discipline to master, so don’t forget to drop by and admire the dedication and skill of these incredible athletes during your wanderings around the Fringe Market!